Recipes for week of Oct 22nd '18

Hey all! So we are back to cooking for one. The husband is out of town for the last time before I go out on my maternity leave, so I will be keeping it light on the cooking front this week. Meaning - I am pulling out some of my leftovers that I froze. (Taco Bowl, Chicken Pot Pie, Salmon Dinner).

The recipe below is what I am going to make for my Family Dinner this Sunday. I like it because it is easy and I don’t have to spend that much time cooking it and can spend time relaxing, crafting, or whatever else I choose to do with my Sunday. Otherwise, I have some dinners that are planned out for work and friends so that is why the week is pretty light cooking wise. And we are also having a BBQ baby shower on Saturday so will have food for the weekend that I don’t need to plan for. Hope you enjoy this easy crockpot meal.

CrockPot Beef and Broccoli

EDIT: Holy crap everyone!!! This recipe is soooooo good! And super easy! It took the full 5 hours to make sure that the beef was cooked correctly and then I added the broccoli and corn starch for a total of 5 1/2 hours of cooking time. Came out perfectly!! Definitely adding this into my rotation. And I bet this will freeze and re-heat really well.

Also I am planning to make an basic egg salad so that I can have this for quick lunches. See my post from Sept 24th and you will find the egg salad recipe.

EDIT: This week was planned perfectly. Eating leftovers, having the beef and broccoli and then leftovers from the BBQ was plenty of food. It is good to learn how to realize when to purchase more or less. And always, if you purchased too much food you can always freeze the meals so that you can have leftovers! Happy cooking!!